Issa Apartments

Wishing to bring you as closer as possible with our apartments, we will try to take a piece of the atmosphere which will surround you during your vacation. Our apartments are situated on Vis 'detour road' - eastern city end of Vis, one hundred meters from seashore, where you will find relaxational surrounding without city hustle and bustle, but not too far away from needed 'civilization' facilities. City's best restaurants are situated in a 300 meters circle; on "Kut", eastern part of the town. Here you can find few grocery shops, confectionery, while for the post office and pharmacy you will have to walk to 'Luka', western part of the city distant some 10 minutes of walk passing by Internet club, City library, Cinema...

Sunset view from the terrace of your apartment is wonderful experience that will oftenly come back in mind during foggy winter days. Surrounded with noisy cricekts, smell of lavender and frowzy blue sea color diminishing in dusk, warm wind and clouds colored with tones of red and purple color you will know that you are enjoying just in every moment of your vacation. If peace is what are you looking for, then you have found your place.

Here we have chosen few pictures of our Apartments so we can better introduce it to you, we hope that you will enjoy in these pictures at least as we searching for those. We have not stayed only on that, but have chosen some photographies of the Island as well, so you can also get to know Vis. You can find photos here

Apartment 1

Apartment 2

Apartment 3

Apartment 4
Apartment is luxury equiped - washing machine, dishwasher, clima, small kitchen, microwave owen, coffee machine, home theater, DVD, lowered ceils...

Apartment 5

View over The Terrace

domestic atmosphere

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