Island Vis

Island's history

First signs of human presence in Vis are coming from VI century before Christ. Dionis from Syracuse about 397. BC has founded city Issa as northern greek border. Issa was primarily naval city, so today there can be found many of archaeological heritage on the mainland as well as beneath the Sea surface.

For centuries Issa was independent island state,in the beggining greek colony, and later "respectable and wealthy" roman city, about what testify city's bathing resort (Thermae), Arena (today Monastery)...

Population has been in wine producing business from antique times , Issa's wines were popular in helenistic world, what was certified by words of greek writer Agatarhid from 2. century BC who said that "wine from Issa, Island in the Adriatic, comparing to all others are better".

Roman Thermae
WWII airport

Newer Island's history is marked with economic devastation and isolation, by the begining of 20th century Island's main source of income was devastated by phyloxera, population of nearly 15.000 inhabitants start to leave Island. Two world wars also contributed to population shattering. In World War II Island becomes great stornghold because of its geostrategic position. Military Island destination continues even after World War II when Vis became heavy military stronghold of Yugoslav Army which remains until 1990.

50 years of isolation paralysed Island's touristic development experienced by other touristic areas, which can be in some way considered in positive context: Island's settlements succeded to save their original look, newer building still cannot be seen much, tourist capacities yet have not grown so much it could absorb mass tourism, so there is no infrastructure to unleash noisy summer life, and people looking for peace here can find a spot for themselves. Crystal clean sea and untouched nature are ideal surrounding for family vacation and relaxation.


City of Vis is Island's harbour situated in St. George's cove on the northern part of the Island. It has around 2000 inhabitants. Population is traditionally oriented to agriculture, mostly to wine production. More about Vis you can find at official web site of Touristic Association aswell "VisIt" or "Ionios" tourist agencies.


Vivid city on the western side of the Island, counting cca 2000 inhabitants. Traditional old fishermans harbour. You can meet it on or at web pages of touristic agencies situated in Komiža: Srebrna Tours, Alternatura